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DUSKITS Downdraft Sanding Table Kits


Superior Quality at very affordable prices! If you need well-engineered, self-contained down-draft sanding tables and can do some of the work, you can save two-thirds over retail units. The DUSKITS table kits, in 48 x 48 3500 CFM**, 36 x 72 3500 CFM**, and 48 x 96 7000 CFM** models, will enable you to do what you know - woodworking - and make a table every bit the functional equal of units costing two or three time as much! The engineering is done, and we have gotten great prices on the motors and mounts, starters, fans and machined MDF tops for you. You need supply only a few sheets of plywood, some lumber (most shops have scrap plywood and lumber suitable for the job), screws, bolts, glue, hinges, wiring, labor and stock filters (Grainger or equivalent).  Due to filter area constraints, kits are not available in high capacity version.

The sanding table you construct will not only be very usable as sanding table, but also as a work bench. We have found that if you are using orbital sanders with built-in dust collection it is possible to connect the dust hose on the sander to a nipple on the side of the table top and eliminate the necessity of using the filter bag with the sander.




has done the hard part - you need only follow directions and
supply some common materials to build and use an industrial
quality downdraft table!


  • Plans & instructions
  • Industrial Grade TEFC Motor
  • Heavy Duty Fan & Volute (Inlet Cone)
  • CNC Machined MDF top surface
  • Motor mount
  • Motor Starter (3 phase units only)
  • Pre-filter media


With our kit, a little woodworking talent, some plywood, and lumber (or maybe shop scrap?), you can build a sanding table that is the equal of units costing several times as much!



**NOTES:   CFM values shown are "Free Air" design specification, and will decline as filters become loaded.   Machined top frame rails available upon request for additional charge. Special sizes available upon request. All other necessary materials are the responsibility of the builder. DUSKITS  has designed and tested these kits well, but best results will depend upon the builder's employment of reasonable levels of skill and care in the fabrication and assembly of the table. 

Frequently Asked Questions



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